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High quality products backed by industry leading technical and regulatory experts.

Royce prides itself on its ability to provide its customers with the highest level of service in our industry. We have the resources to develop custom products for our customers, and always do so in the most efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Royce Colors

Royce Colors is a leading supplier of colorants for the Plastic, Paper and Textile Industry, and operates one of the few remaining dyestuff synthesis facilities located in the USA.

Solvent Dyes

Royce provides a full-line of polymer-soluble colorants that are used primarily in engineering plastics, oils and waxes.

Basic Dyes

Royce is a global leader in producing high-quality, cationic Basic dyes for use in the Paper Industry. Basic dyes are commonly used in the production of recycled linerboard, newsprint, molded pulp products and unbleached kraft specialties.

Vat Dyes

Royce is the leading global manufacturer of Vat dye liquids, primarily used in continuous dyeing and printing of high performance textiles.

Disperse Dyes

Royce offers both liquid and solid disperse dyes for polyester dyeing. Our products are subject to the most stringent quality control standards in the industry.

Direct Dyes

Royce is a global leader in producing high-quality, anionic, water based Direct dyes for use in the Paper Industry. Direct dyes are commonly used in the production of recycled linerboard, decorative tissue, molded pulp products and unbleached kraft specialties.

Color Concentrates

Masterbatch is not just masterbatch. Royce markets superior quality products that meet the most stringent requirements for both particle size and dispersion. These advantages lead to greater opacity and performance at optimal usage rates.

Poly Nu-Cell

Poly Nu-Cell is a Royce Global Brand of high-quality proprietary talc and/or blended talc and chemical foaming agent masterbatches used in the nucleation and foaming of low-density PS and olefin foam structures. The product line can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Polymer Additives

Royce offers a full-range of Functional Additive masterbatches to help improve performance, increase efficiency and impart specific properties to your finished product.

Naphthol Dyes & Salts

Royce offers a full-line of Naphthol dyes, and Naphthol salts that when combined offer bright, high-fastness azoic colors for dyeing cotton fabrics.

Royce Products

Royce provides a full range of products for your coatings, flooring, adhesives, composites, and electrical applications.  ReOxy products offering includes epoxy resins, curing agents, reactive diluents, accelerators and modifiers for your formulation needs.

ReOxy Epoxy Resins

Royce provides a broad range of epoxy resins (Bis-A, Bis-F, multifunctional, cycloaliphatic) for coatings flooring, adhesives, composites and electrical applications.

ReOxy Curing Agents

Royce provides a broad range of curing agents (DDS, aromatic, cycloaliphatic, aliphatic, polyamide, amidoamine, phenalkamine) for coatings, adhesives, aerospace, and electrical applications.

ReOxy Reactive Diluents

Royce offers a broad range of reactive diluents with mono, di and tri-functional epoxies.

ReOxy Accelerators & Modifiers

Royce offers accelerators and modifiers for formulators to help optimize the performance.

Royce Specialty Products

Royce is a leading supplier of specialty raw materials used in a variety of industrial applications.

Sodium Hydrosulfite

Powerful, highly-effective reducing agent used in bleaching of groundwood pulp, and dyeing and bleaching of textiles.

Sodium Nitrite

Primarily used in the manufacturing of azo dyes and pigments as well as metal pre-treatment.

Zinc Borate

Zinc Borate is primarily used as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant in plastics, coatings, rubber and textiles.

Surfactant WA

Surfactant WA is an excellent wetting agent, used in conjunction with our full line of Basic dyes to improve color consistency and dispersion in the dyeing of hydroseed.

Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate

Also known as Parolite, Royce ZFS is the discharge activator used in water-based pigment printed textiles. Royce ZFS is also used as a redox catalyst in the emulsion polymerization of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate

Royce SFS is a concentrated reducing agent used as a redox catalyst in emulsion polymerization of many types of synthetic rubber. Royce SFS is also widely used in the reductive clearing of disperse dyed synthetic fiber.

Textile Auxiliaries

Royce manufacturers a full range of textile auxiliaries to support bleaching, dyeing and finishing applications.

Beyond product quality, a commitment to
superior service and innovation.

Top Quality Standards

Royce does not sacrifice quality in pursuit of short-term gain. We maintain long-term relationships with all of our key suppliers.

Rigorous Product Testing

Royce certifies every shipment, and in most cases tests our materials in our customer’s application to ensure its performance in finished product.

Sourcing & Validation

Royce has almost 90 years experience developing supply relationships, and in some cases has transferred technology to our suppliers. This cooperative approach ensures our suppliers meet or exceed our quality standards.

Industry Expertise & Custom Solutions

Royce employs a team of applications specialists, experts in not only the chemistry of our products, but also the application of them at our customers.

Capacity + Reliability

Royce has the financial strength to support our customer’s needs. Whether customers need just-in-time delivery, or require seasonal adjustments of inventory, Royce is always ready to provide support.

Superior Customer Service

Royce’s customer service department is always rated as exceptional. If you need an answer, you can count on someone answering the phone and responding to you quickly.