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Founded in 1929, Royce Global is a 4th generation family-owned company that prides itself on providing its customers with not only the highest quality products, but also exceptional technical service.

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Diverse Market Expertise

While Royce initially focused on servicing the Textile Industry, over the years we have developed products that are used in a variety of industries. Our Technical and Regulatory staff consist of leading names in their respective fields.

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Royce Colors

Royce Colors is a leading supplier of colorants for the Plastic, Paper and Textile Industry, and operates one of the few remaining dyestuff synthesis facilities located in the USA.

Royce Products

Royce provides a full range of products for your coatings, flooring, adhesives, composites, and electrical applications. ReOxy products offering includes epoxy resins, curing agents, reactive diluents, accelerators and modifiers for your formulation needs.

Royce Specialty Products

Royce is a leading supplier of specialty raw materials used in many industrial applications.

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Royce has strategic locations at some of the world’s largest and most accessible ports, providing for dynamic delivery capabilities at a moment’s notice.

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