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Royce prides itself on providing its customers with not only the highest quality products, but also exceptional technical service. Our customer base spans many industrial markets, and is serviced by our highly-trained technical experts.

Many markets, many solutions.


Royce is a leading supplier of Color and Additive concentrates, and performance solutions for the Plastics Industry. In addition, Royce manufactures a full line of Solvent dyes for use in engineering resins.


Royce is a major supplier of Basic dyes for the Paper Industry, particularly the recycled linerboard/testliner business focusing on Basic Brown colorants. In addition, Royce offers customized solutions for reductive bleaching of groundwood and recycled pulp.


Royce has serviced the Textile Industry since its inception. Royce offers a full line of Vat dye liquids, Naphthol dyes and salts, and Reducing agents for use in the Textile Industry.


Royce supplies Sodium Nitrite for use in the automotive coatings markets. In addition our Solvent dyes, and reducing agents are commonly used to enhance performance, and improve appearance of specialty coatings.


Royce offers a full line of custom color concentrates, specially formulated to meet strict food-contact requirements. In addition, Royce’s Polynucell nucleating agents are the standard when it comes to the manufacturing of high-grade foam cell structure.


Royce’s Solvent dyes can be formulated into many adhesives to improve physical appearance. In addition, our SFS and ZFS products are used extensively in the emulsion polymerization of specialty adhesives.


Royce provides multifunctional epoxy resins and aromatic curing agents for high performance Aerospace composite applications.


Royce supplies the Rubber Industry with a line of reducing agents used primarily as Redox catalysts in emulsion polymerization. In addition, rubber manufacturers often use our Solvent dyes to color their specialty rubber products.

Metal Working

Royce offers Sodium Nitrite which is used as a main ingredient in molten salt baths that are used to heat quench high performance automotive and aircraft parts.

Water Treatment

Sodium Nitrite is used extensively in large scale HVAC and water treatment applications for its anti-corrosive properties.


Royce supplies Basic dyes to the Hydroseeding Industry; our colors help processors identify where their product has been sprayed. In addition our Surfactant WA product greatly improves the dispersion of color and seed throughout the recycled paper base.

Wood Preservatives

Sodium Nitrite is commonly used for its anti-corrosive properties in wood preservation treatment chemicals. Basic dyes are also used to identify lumber qualities at sawmills.


Royce supplies a full line of Solvent dyes which can be utilized in solvent-based ink systems. In additon, our ZFS is commonly used as the discharge activator in discharge printing systems.

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Top Quality Standards

Royce does not sacrifice quality in pursuit of short-term gain. We maintain long-term relationships with all of our key suppliers.

Rigorous Product Testing

Royce certifies every shipment, and in most cases tests our materials in our customer’s application to ensure its performance in finished product.

Sourcing & Validation

Royce has almost 90 years experience developing supply relationships, and in some cases has transferred technology to our suppliers. This cooperative approach ensures our suppliers meet or exceed our quality standards.

Industry Expertise & Custom Soutions

Royce employs a team of applications specialists, experts in not only the chemistry of our products, but also the application of them at our customers.

Capacity + Reliability

Royce has the financial strength to support our customer’s needs. Whether customers need just-in-time delivery, or require seasonal adjustments of inventory, Royce is always ready to provide support.

Superior Customer Service

Royce’s customer service department is always rated as exceptional. If you need an answer, you can count on someone answering the phone and responding to you quickly.