February 28, 2020

Royce Global is pleased to announce the acquisition of C.H. Patrick & Co.’s Textile Dye and Chemical business. This purchase significantly broadens Royce’s product offerings to the Textile Industry. Included in this transaction are preparation, dyeing and finishing chemicals, and sulfur and disperse dyes.

This consolidation will give Royce the opportunity to continue to provide world-class technical service to both Royce and C.H. Patrick customers backed by technology developed over C.H. Patrick’s 75-year history of producing the best performing products. Over the next 30 days Royce and C.H. Patrick will work to provide a seamless transition.

A.J. Royce IV, President of Royce Global commented, “Royce is fully committed to support the Textile Industry with its existing products and is excited to be able to offer a wider range of solutions to both our new and existing customer base. Our new product offerings will be supported by our excellent team led by Larry Gipson. Our company was founded over 90 years ago to serve the Textile Industry – I am very excited to see our business continue to grow in this market.”

Tom Reardon, CEO of C. H. Patrick & Company, Inc. added, “We value our strong relationship with Royce Global. This venture builds on the long-established and successful partnership between the two companies. C. H. Patrick & Company, Inc., is excited to combine our manufacturing expertise with the excellent technical service and sales team of Royce Global. We look forward to expanded support of A.J., Larry and the entire Royce team in continued service to the textile industry.”

About Royce Global:
Royce Global is a 4th generation family-owned and operated company founded in 1929. Today we operate 3 manufacturing facilities in the US, utilize warehouses across North America, Europe and Asia and maintain joint-ventures in the Middle-East and China. Royce manufactures a range of colorant and chemical products to the Textile, Paper, Plastic, Coatings and Rubber Industries.

About C.H. Patrick & Company:
Located in Greenville, SC, C. H. Patrick & Company, Inc. was founded in 1946 as a specialty chemical and textile dye manufacturer. Today C. H. Patrick & Company, Inc. continues to manufacture a complete line of dyes and chemicals for the textile, paper and flame-retardant industries along with specialty products for unique and innovative markets. We pride ourselves on excellent quality, innovation and commitment to our customers.