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Black Masterbatch

Royce markets a superior quality Black Masterbatch that meets the most stringent requirements for both particle size and dispersion.

Black is not just black when it comes to Royce Black Masterbatch.

  • Royce offers Black Masterbatch for virtually every resin in applications that include,
    Food & Cosmetic Packaging (both Molding and Extrusion), Extrusion Coating,
    Conductive, Electronics, Pipe, Film and Fiber, as well as general utility applications.
  • Our blacks exhibit exceptional dispersion qualities and in many industries are considered
    the standard by which others are judged.
  • Royce offers a 40% Carbon Black loaded PP Black for Food Packaging applications. This
    is the strongest Black PP product in the market today. This 40% product is fully
    dispersed and will exhibit excellent gloss and no pitting on the surface of your finished
    sheet. In addition, it is the best product to consider for your thin wall film and fiber
    applications. At 40% loading you will use less color resulting in cost savings.
  • Black formulations include, FDA up to 40%, others up to 50% with particle sizes ranging
    from 20nm to 60nm, some are available with filler for economic applications.

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Beyond product quality, a commitment to
superior service and innovation.

Top Quality Standards

Royce does not sacrifice quality in pursuit of short-term gain. We maintain long-term relationships with all of our key suppliers.

Rigorous Product Testing

Royce certifies every shipment, and in most cases tests our materials in our customer’s application to ensure its performance in finished product.

Sourcing & Validation

Royce has almost 90 years experience developing supply relationships, and in some cases has transferred technology to our suppliers. This cooperative approach ensures our suppliers meet or exceed our quality standards.

Industry Expertise & Custom Solutions

Royce employs a team of applications specialists, experts in not only the chemistry of our products, but also the application of them at our customers.

Capacity + Reliability

Royce has the financial strength to support our customer’s needs. Whether customers need just-in-time delivery, or require seasonal adjustments of inventory, Royce is always ready to provide support.

Superior Customer Service

Royce’s customer service department is always rated as exceptional. If you need an answer, you can count on someone answering the phone and responding to you quickly.