Law Enforcement’s Loss Was Plastic’s Gain!

B.S. in Criminal Justice. Double minor in Law and Police Science. Peter Daood doesn’t have the kind of resume you’d expect to find at the HR office in a plastic colorants company, but slow-turning municipal gears changed the course of Peter’s career path.

Peter applied for a job at Royce Global— a leading supplier of colorants for the plastics, paper, and textile industries—because he was familiar with the company from his father’s 40-year career in the plastics industry, but he didn’t have a legacy in mind. “I had no intention of working in this industry,” said Peter. “I applied for an inside sales position while waiting for several municipalities and the state of New Jersey to get back to me on applications, and now I’ve been in the industry for nearly ten years!”

And in all of those years, Peter says he has never looked back. Today, he is Royce Global’s manager of sales and marketing.

Joys of an unexpected career

Asked to narrow down his list of reasons for loving his job, there are two things that top any list Peter would come up with: learning and the value of mentorship. “I love learning new things about products and applications,” he said. “Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. And I’m fortunate to be surrounded by mentors with a great deal of experience.” 

Peter is quick to name the people who have helped him. “Wylie Royce has a wealth of knowledge in plastic color and nucleation, and AJ Royce has mentored me throughout my career on all aspects of business,” Peter said. “Tim Bubniak, our paper dye business manager, taught me a lot about technical applications in paper and, of course, I owe many thanks to my father, Hany Daood, for teaching me the operations side of our business and how to be a leader.”

Another great benefit is Royce Global’s close ties to PLASTICS and support for our Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP) initiatives. “I’ve been a FLiP member since the group started back in 2014,” said Peter. “I enjoy networking at in-person meetings and hearing the speakers who are often invited to the events. Staying connected with the industry and like-minded professionals is very important to me and my business development.”

As a young professional who was named a Plastics News Rising Star in 2019, Peter would love to see the FLiP ranks expanded with more young people. “The plastics industry has so many opportunities for young individuals to build a career,” he said.  “This industry is thirsty for young professionals to continue to maintain and grow the plastics market.”

Making the case for plastics

Like most people in the industry, Peter finds himself frustrated by public perceptions of plastics. “I think the industry in general gets a bad rap,” he said. “Many consumers don’t understand the importance of plastics in their lives. If we removed plastics from the world for just one day, our entire infrastructure would be crippled. I think we need to continue educating the world on plastics with facts to get away from the negative stigma. Let’s face it, there are many plastic products we can’t live without.”

Peter has seen that in his own life. When asked what his career in plastics has changed for him on a personal level, he said, “Besides the fact that I’m constantly annoying my wife and family by pointing out Royce colors on the shelf or in our home, I now have a true appreciation for the importance of plastics in our lives. I couldn’t imagine having to live without plastic, especially when it comes to caring for our children.”

And he’s not just talking about toys, car seats, bike helmets and baby bottles. What plastic item could Peter not do without? “My contact lenses!” he says. “I’d be blind without them, and glasses just don’t work for every purpose, especially when you have little ones climbing all over you pretending that you’re a pony in the living room!”

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