Wylie Royce serves as the Chairman of the Plastics Industry Association Board of Directors and spoke during the Opening Ceremonies of NPE 2018. He was in the company of PLASTICS CEO Bill Carteaux, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, and 2018NPE Chairman Glenn Anderson.

Wylie’s remarks focused on PLASTICS most recent initiative, This Is Plastics. This project focuses on equipping the 985,000 professionals within the industry to better speak to their friends and families about how plastics impacts their lives. From environmental impact to product safety to innovation, This Is Plastics illuminates the often misunderstood truths about plastics in our lives.

The Opening Ceremony was concluded with a literal BANG! (See Photo Below)

There was much anticipation for NPE2018 to be the biggest NPE in PLASTICS history. Once concluded, the numbers were crunched and history was written. Here are some amazing statistics for this year’s show:

  • 56,034 Total Attendees
  • 2,174 Exhibiting Companies
  • 1.2 Million Square Feet of Exhibit Floor Space
  • 21.7 Million Pounds of Freight

If you weren’t able to stop by our booth or attend NPE2018, it’s not too late to connect! You can reach one of our knowledgeable associates today Here.